Thank you, law enforcement officers

Each day this week, criminal justice reporter Julie Riddle is profiling a law enforcement officer from various Northeast Michigan agencies in honor of National Police Week.

On Monday, we met Patrolman Adam David, of the Alpena Police Department, who was inspired into police work by his mother, the Oscoda County undersheriff, and who enjoys fishing in his spare time.

On Tuesday, we met Deputy Jim Budnik, of the Presque Isle County Sheriff’s Office, who worked as a welder for 13 years before going through Alpena Community College’s criminal justice program to become a law enforcement officer. In his spare time, he likes to hunt and fish and is working to organize a first-time speed boat race on Grand Lake.

The theme that emerges in each of these profiles is that police officers are ordinary men and women who feel called to do extraordinary things.

They are our neighbors, our fellow church parishioners, our old classmates, and our friends, who strap on a badge and train their minds and their bodies to be able to stand up for us when an emergency calls.

We are glad they do.

Thank you to every law enforcement officer working to keep Northeast Michigan safe.

And happy Police Week!