Is smoking ban more gov’t intrusion?

Where is the line in the sand drawn regarding government’s regulations of rights people have enjoyed for years?

In Alpena, that line could be drawn at city beaches this summer.

The Municipal Council approved moving forward with an ordinance this week that would prohibit smoking of tobacco in city parks and beaches. It pertains to vaping, as well. In the past month, similar stories, and bans, have been enacted across the U.S.

Non-smokers will appreciate the elimination of second-hand smoke ruining their outdoor experience.

However, is a ban like that yet another intrusion into personal rights by government?

Ironically, 10 years ago, the Michigan Legislature banned smoking in restaurants and bars. At the time, it was predicted thousands of jobs would be lost and establishments forced to close. None of the dire predictions ever came true.

In the instance of the parks and beaches ban, no jobs are even at stake. It’s just a debate as to, “where does it stop?”

The answer, at least in Alpena, it would appear this year, is at the beaches and parks.