Welcome aboard, Officer Terri Curtis

Last week, Julie Riddle profiled Officer Terri Curtis, the newest member of the Alpena Police Department force.

Welcome aboard, Officer Curtis!

Curtis is a 2016 Rogers City High School graduate and a graduate of Alpena Community College’s criminal justice program and the Kirtland Regional Police Academy at Kirtland Community College. She is one of only two women in the department and also the youngest. She described herself to Riddle as a natural peacemaker whose knack for de-escalating situations would serve her well on the job.

Her familiarity with Northeast Michigan and its people should serve her well, too.

Alpena is a safe community, but it is not without its troubles and policing in Alpena is no less stressful here than anywhere. Putting on the badge here is still an agreement to put your life on the line to keep the public safe, and we honor Officer Curtis for being willing to make that commitment.

So, if you see Officer Curtis around (hopefully she has no cause to come knocking on your door), say hello and wish her well.