This year, resolve to be more involved

The new year means new terms for local government boards, the Legislature, and Congress.

It means the start of fresh annual budgets for counties across the state. In Alpena County, Brad McRoberts is the new chairman of the county Board of Commissioners after Cam Habermehl was defeated in the last election.

It is a fresh start for all walks of government and, this year, we encourage you to resolve to be involved in as much as you can.

As much as we’d like to think it doesn’t affect us, that government news is just some distraction that can be turned off as easily as the latest episode of “Survivor,” the people sworn into office at the dawn of 2019 will make decisions affecting your life every day. How much you pay in taxes, which regulations are enforced (which can affect how much you pay when you buy things at a store), the quality of the school buildings where you send your children or grandchildren, the number of police patroling your streets, the expanse and upkeep of the state and federal parks you enjoy … the list is endless.

So, this year, resolve to attend more meetings of your local municipal council and school, township and county boards. Write more letters to your state representative and state senator. Email your congressman or congresswoman and your U.S. senator. Pay attention to the proposals that are afoot (reading your local newspaper is one way to do that) and share your thoughts before things are too far down the line.

This year, resolve to be more involved.