Handle PI wind farms with caution

We are watching the wind turbine proposal for Presque Isle County very carefully, as what happens there could set the example for other proposals around the region in the months ahead.

Concerned about the proposal and how it might affect them, Moltke Township residents Mike and Stefani Schulte decided to be proactive. With the advice of legal counsel, the two set about gathering enough petitions of qualifying county residents to place the matter before county voters next year. Specifically, residents would be asked whether to change a county ordinance dealing with wind turbine installations, and related stipulations.

Wind farming is certainly a “green” energy alternative. But, like most sources of energy, it comes with a list of both pros and cons. The cons often aren’t given much thought until suddenly it appears that turbines might be constructed in your neighbor’s back yard and will, from that point on, be a new, unsightly addition to the landscape.

The Schultes have been very orderly and detailed in voicing their concerns. We appreciate that concern, and believe it is worth further debate and evaluation.

And Presque Isle commissioners also have shown sound judgment thus far in how they have handled the situation.

Ultimately, what happens here could be precedent-setting for government entities and property owners elsewhere. For that reason, we believe this is an important story that needs followed to its end.



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