NE Michigan proves that every vote counts

We hear it all the time — every vote counts.

If ever you doubted that wisdom, however, Northeast Michigan elections in recent years have proven it true.

This month’s race for Allis Township supervisor ended in a tie this month, resulting in the two candidates — Republican Bob Anderson and Democrat Rich Nash — choosing a winner by picking slips of paper from a hat.

Strange as it sounds, a random drawing is the way tie-breakers are settled in Michigan. It is at least the second time in Presque Isle County’s history that such a method had to be used.

By the way, Nash won the drawing this week and will become the township’s new supervisor in January.

And, Allis Township isn’t the only example.

Look no further than Alpena County and Richard Neumann’s history of running for commissioner.

Four years ago, Neumann ran for office and lost by 12 votes. Two years ago, he ran again and lost by only one vote.

This year, he ran again and lost by 134 votes. While we’re sure none of the defeats were easy to accept, at least this year’s was by a margin that Neumann knew was not a result of someone skipping out on going to the polling place.

The same can’t be said for the results two years ago.

As these recent elections prove, every vote does indeed count.



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