Here’s to a peaceful election

It’s Election Day!

Today, voters across the nation will head to the polls to help decide control of Congress, several governorships, scores of downballot contests, and several proposals.

Here in Michigan, the entire Legislature is up for election and Michiganders will pick a new governor, secretary of state and attorney general. They’ll decide on three ballot proposals related to legalized recreational marijuana, reforms to the way political boundaries are drawn, and changes to the way Michiganders register to vote.

In Northeast Michigan, residents will also decide probate judgeships in Alpena and Presque Isle counties, a handful of contested county board seats, some municipal posts, and a number of local property tax proposals.

We hope every voter who is able makes it out to the polls and makes informed decisions guided by their hopes for the betterment of their community, their state and their nation.

And we hope the day goes smoothly, without any malfunctioning machines, polling-place problems or, most importantly, any violence.

For several years now, our American political climate has been marked by seemingly ever-worsening strife, with accusations and name-calling and, in recent weeks, by actual violence and threats thereof.

But the greatest tenet of democracy is that a calm contest of principles follows a peaceful exchange of ideas, leading to a populous that decides the direction of their leadership through ballots, not bombs.

So, here’s hoping that this Election Day is peaceful, before, during and after the votes are cast and counted. Whatever the outcome, let’s celebrate the fact that we are free to share our thoughts at the ballot box and that our neighbors care enough about their country to do so.



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