Ed Grezlak, ‘the most interesting man in Alpena’

Dos Equis beer now enjoys brand recognition thanks to its “Most Interesting Man in the World” advertising campaign.

But the company pales in comparison to Ed Grezlak, the “Most Interesting Man in Alpena.”

For years, city residents watched Grezlak’s house be constructed on some of the property that once housed Alpena Public Schools’ junior high, at the corner of White and Second. Once completed, city residents were in awe at how that sprawling structure was home to just one 88-year-old-man.

Rumors were rampant about Grezlak’s intentions. Grezlak found himself shrouded in mysticism and mystery, and his legend grew larger with each new story.

This week, residents need not speculate any longer. In a fitting ceremony and tribute to Grezlak, MidMichigan Health Foundation officials announced the home would be used for medical students or those students participating in residencies at the MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena.

Grezlak’s generosity is significant. The home will make it easier for struggling medical students to have an affordable place to stay and study while they practice their skills in Alpena.

And, with this announcement, Grezlak’s legacy, and legend, is cemented as one of Alpena’s major philanthropists.



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