Weekend rain’s a bummer, but we need it

There is a good chance, according to the National Weather Service, that as you read this editorial this morning, it will be raining outside.

While normally rain on the weekend would be most unwelcome, today our attitude might be a little more forgiving as in actuality, the region really needs the rain.

The National Weather Service out of Gaylord this week sent out a press release stating most of Northern Michigan now was under severe drought conditions. The drought already has impacted farmers and produce this summer and as conditions grow worse, it only compounds the problem.

According to NWS folks, Montmorency and Alpena counties were under severe drought conditions, while Alcona County was experiencing abnormally dry conditions. All of Presque Isle County was under extreme drought conditions. Officials said that, since June 1, rainfall conditions have only grown worse with some areas of Northern Michigan “now as much as 3 to 5 inches below normal for the summer.”

After a long week at work, we like to enjoy the weekends and spend time outdoors. Given the drought conditions we are under, however, we think most readers would agree a day indoors is worth the sacrifice.