What might become of Kathy Griffin following stunt?

It is one thing to disagree with a president’s policies or to dislike his personality. It is quite another to engage in the hysteria — and that is the appropriate word — that some have directed against President Donald Trump.

Led by some entertainers and politicians, a few critics of Trump are behaving insanely, in the literal meaning of that word.

Entertainer Kathy Griffin’s internet video of her holding a bloody likeness of the president’s head is merely the most recent example of the lunacy.

So outrageous was her stunt that CNN, which has used her on its New Year’s Eve broadcasts, immediately terminated her employment. Griffin apologized, but one wonders whether that was a sign of repentance or an attempt to save her career.

That is the question, isn’t it? Will the entertainment world, full of virulent critics of Trump, blacklist Griffin or rescue her?

Our bet is she will be be tossed a lifeline, signaling that antics like hers are not just tolerated, but encouraged. She and those like her are not really resisting Trump, however, as much as they are engaged in a collective tantrum.


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