Hillman, Atlanta boards show how to embrace change with forward thinking

Change never comes easy, that is why we are impressed with the boards of education in Atlanta and Hillman.

When both faced a need for a new superintendent at the same time, the boards identified their shortcomings, swallowed their pride and territorial boundaries and agreed it made more sense, given their size, to join together and share the services of one superintendent between the two.

It was both a bold, and genius move. Certainly it has its doubters but ultimately the boards agreed that one person made better sense than two.

As evidence by this week’s hiring of Carl Seiter as the new superintendent for both, we would have to agree. Ultimately so did 21 applicants for the position. In today’s economic climate regarding education, that was an extremely impressive indication that the boards made the right call to share services.

“These two communities, represented by these two boards, have come together and addressed some issues that are definitely affecting our schools,” Atlanta school board President Dave Fisher said Wednesday following Seiter’s hiring. “There has been tremendous cooperation, a very good attitude, a very professional approach to it and I think we have some very positive things going for us.”

We agree, and commend the boards for their forward thinking.


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