VA whistleblowers need to be rewarded, not punished

It is a measure of how bad things are at the Department of Veterans Affairs that President Donald Trump is ordering creation of a special office to protect whistleblowers and find out why VA Secretary David Shulkin cannot just fire employees who are incompetent and/or dishonest.

Trump planned to sign an executive order establishing the Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection this week.

Most veterans seem happy with VA services, including those related to health care. And the vast majority of VA employees do their very best for those who have served our country. But a few bad apples hang on at the agency, sometimes retaliating against whistleblowers who expose them.

Trump’s action is just a start. A thorough housecleaning is needed at the VA, with whistleblowers rewarded, not punished. The sooner that can begin, the sooner all veterans can have confidence in the agency.


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