Tired eyes for exam time

Where did the term, “Oh Mylanta,” come from and why is it suitable for the situation several college students and I are currently in?

You may have guessed from the title that it is exam season. All of the last minute assignments have been piling in along with tests, quizzes, and even essays. I cannot help but give a standing ovation to those who are working while trying to complete all of this on top of preparing for exams. You are my true hero.

I am managing four classes myself right now and cannot fathom how they do it. Let alone those who are taking more classes than I am. I worry about their well being. For all I know they could be drooling in their text book with pencil shavings in their nostril right now or in the fetal position waving a white flag with open books surrounding them. Yea…Oh Mylanta.

We may all be perceived as either workaholics or procrastinators with insomnia issues, but as of right now we all share one thing in common: We’re grumpy gremlins who want to do well and cannot wait to relearn the art of sleeping. Coffee has been our best friends for the past two semesters.

However, it has been especially so since the days have become longer and time seems to be shorter. Kind of fits in with the new trend that seems to be taking over this fine Spring season. Pajamas and baggy eyes have seem to be a recurring fashion statement around this time of the year, so why not also include a coffee mug to finish off this fabulous look?!

I have yet to participate but as I look in the mirror, I can already see my own black circles starting to form under my tired eyes. I am in hopes that random pencil shavings in my hair will not make an appearance during this time. If they decide to do so, I at least have the assurance that my fellow classmates understand that I am just another victim, like so many others, of this trend.

Do not let me fool you, we are not entirely all victims here. We do have some control over what is currently happening in this season. For instance, we can chose to spend that extra minute in the morning making sure our hair was brushed or we could spend it studying. We could decide to get up an extra five minutes early to put on jeans instead of walking out with sweatpants on or we could spend it with flash cards.

It seems pretty clear that our priorities at the moment lie more with our performance on finals rather than our appearance. Mainly because at the end of the day, my fellow classmates will be bragging about how much sleep they are going to get knowing they passed rather than talk about how my shirt was inside out and backwards last week.

So if you see it for yourself, you know it is that time of year again. Just be rest assured that it will only last for a few more days. Also, please make sure to tell a fellow college student they will do great things. Their hair may be a mess and they may look like a mess themselves, but at least you are giving them the confidence they will need to finish the semester strong.

Hannah Hobbs is a millenial, a wife and a college student living in Hubbard Lake. Her column will appear bi-weekly on Saturday.