Pokorzynski pleads not guilty to charges

ALPENA — Aaron Pokorzynski, a former APlex tennis instructor facing multiple criminal sexual conduct charges, pleads not guilty in the 26th Circuit Court during arraignment on Monday.

Pokorzynski is in Circuit Court for two separate cases, the first one was assigned in 2023 and involves three counts of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a child who was 15 years old at the time while he was serving as her tennis instructor in 2012. The second case was assigned in 2024 and involves one charge of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree for an incident with a separate individual who he also acted as an instructor for.

The arraignment was overseen by 26th Circuit Court Judge Ed Black. Pokorzynski appeared for the arraignment via Zoom while his attorney, Matthew Wojda, was there in person. The next court date is scheduled for July 15 at 1:30 p.m.

Pokorzynski’s cases were bound over from District Court on Wednesday and Thursday after their preliminary examinations.


Also in court on Monday:

∫ Christopher Crandall had his sentencing adjourned to a later date as he waited for the court to receive a letter of endorsement.

Crandell has pleaded guilty to two counts of methamphetamine delivery.

∫ Daniel Hodges pleads guilty to several charges from two cases involving his possession of methamphetamines during his status conference.

Hodges was in Circuit Court for two cases. In the first case, he faced one count of methamphetamine possession, and in the second case, he faced one count of delivery of methamphetamines, one count of delivery of fentanyl, two counts of controlled substance possession, one felony firearms charge, one count of possession of a firearm as a felon, and three counts of other firearm changes.

Hodges pleaded guilty to all charges with the exception of the felony firearms charge which was dismissed, additionally, the delivery of fentanyl charge was turned into a possession charge and Hodges pleaded guilty as a habitual with this being his fourth notice.


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