John Kurowski commits to Kalamazoo College to continue football and academic careers

News Photo by Owen Kinzey John Kurowski, center, signs to continue his athletic and academic careers at Kalamazoo College in the fall. Kurowski will be joining the football team in Kalamazoo and he hopes to continue as a wide receiver.

ALPENA — After a successful breakout senior season in the wide receiver position, John Kurowski has been given the opportunity to continue his football career at Kalamazoo College.

Through plenty of hard work during the season and the innumerable times spent with the JUGS machine, Kurowski’s effort finally paid off in his final year, establishing some of the greatest sports memories he’s ever made at Alpena High School.

“(My favorite moment from my career) was definitely my senior season,” Kurowski said. “I’ve never had so much fun playing football, and I’ve never felt a bond that strong with one single team either. This year was amazing, and I hope that feeling continues.”

The decision to join Kalamazoo came quite quickly for Kurowski, especially after the welcoming feeling he felt when visiting the campus.

Aside from the actual college, Kurowski considered Kalamazoo like home, mostly because of the coaching staff and the group of players already centered there.

News Photo by Owen Kinzey John Kurowski poses with family and his coaches during a signing event on Wednesday where he committed to continue his football and academic careers at Kalamazoo College.

He said the coaching staff and future teammates seemed outgoing and willing to offer him the best chance to succeed while being developed further as a receiver.

Seeking this development is always a top priority for incoming collegiate athletes, meaning the first years as a player will be the toughest.

Finding quality playing time will be difficult, but Kurowski hopes to add whatever he can to the team in order to help earn playing time and win games.

“I’m going to bring someone who is the first one in, last one out. That mentality has always been my thought process, and it will stick no matter what I do,” he said. “I hope to develop while I’m there, and I think Kalamazoo will provide me with that best opportunity.”

Alongside athletics, academics are going to be key when heading off to college.

As of right now, Kurowski plans to earn a degree in business, with hopes of potentially going to law school after earning a degree.

As Kurowski prepares to transition from high school to college, he reflects on the support he has received along the way. His family, friends, and coaches have all played crucial roles in his journey.

“First of all, I’d like to thank God because none of this would have been possible without him,” Kurowski said. “I want to thank both of my parents for always giving me opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I want to thank my sisters for helping me become who I am today. And all my teammates and coaches for pushing me to be the best version of myself.”

Kurowski’s journey to this point has been marked by perseverance and determination. From early mornings in the weight room to late nights studying playbooks, his commitment has never wavered.

As Kurowski embarks on his college journey, his drive and dedication will continue to propel him forward, both on and off the field.

Whether he ends up in the business world, the courtroom, or the end zone, Kurowski’s future is bright, and his potential is limitless.


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