Alpena Public Schools board presents newest draft of strategic plan

News Photo by Temi Fadayomi Alpena Public Schools Board of Education and faculty listen to APS Superintendent David Rabbideau's presentation of the new draft of the APS strategic plan during the board’s workshop on Monday at Gerry Ludwig Board Room.

ALPENA — The Alpena Public Schools Board of Education saw a glimpse into the school district’s future as the newest draft of the APS strategic plan was unveiled during a presentation at the board’s workshop on Monday.

The newest draft of the strategic plan, presented by APS Superintendent David Rabbideau, consisted of three documents. The first document is a proposed new vision statement. The second document is a document highlighting the five highest priority areas or pillars: academics and programs, whole child development, personnel, family and community partnership, and stewardship. The second document also included concrete definitions of each pillar and descriptions of what carrying out each pillar would entail. The third document is an illustration of how the vision statement, pillars, and other elements could create ideal growth for the district.

All three documents show new ways that data, communication, monitoring, and support act as the foundation for the district’s development.

“Having gone through the last strategic plan this is a great model,” Alpena High School Principal Romeo Bourdage said. “It really gives us the right path and gets everybody to buy into the same ideas. I think the visual of it is easy to see and understand, and I hope it carries us for years.”

During the presentation, Rabbideau outlined how he expects the final version of the strategic plan to consist of documents presenting a revised vision statement, pillar highlights with a concise explanation of what they are and how the district intends to fulfill them, and a precise methodology of how to execute each pillar and the vision statement.

“I think we are envisioning, at this point, three public documents for this,” Rabbideau said. “When I say three documents, that other document might be multiple pages, where we talk about timelines, and report out to the board and the community on these different activities that we’re doing.”

According to Rabbideau during the presentation, there are still multiple meetings and discussions to be had before the end of the school year.


The Alpena Public Schools Board of Education on Monday also:

∫ Listened to a presentation by the Alpena Montmorency Alcona Education Service District Superintendant Justin Glusing about the AMA-ESD proposed general fund budget.

∫ Listened to a presentation on bid recommendations by Facilities Supervisor Simon Zolnierek on recommendations on custodial and consumable supply bids.

∫ Unanimously approved the change order for Northern Valley Electrical Services in the amount of $12,158.84 for added electrical work.


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