Alpena News holds 20th annual Track and Field Honor Roll Invitational

BOYS 3200 1. Kenan Knight Alpena 2. Nicholas Trader Fairview 3. Carter Upper Lincoln-Alcona

ALPENA– On Wednesday, the Alpena News hosted its 20th annual Honor Roll Invitational featuring athletes from all around Northeast Michigan, giving them a chance to compete against teams they normally might not have the chance to.

The event saw several medals handed to the top three athletes in each event and also watched as the coaches came together to decide this year’s Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

The Male Athlete of the Year, John Kurowski, took a moment to reflect on his senior year, sharing valuable insights and cherished memories that resonated with both athletes and fans.

“I think the most rewarding part of my senior year of track and field was finding ways to have fun and make memories with my teammates,” Kurowski said. “Whether it was making a slip and slide, listening to music on long runs, or just hanging out, I think it’s really important to have a good time no matter what you’re doing, and we did a really good job at reaching that goal.

Being recognized as the Male Athlete of the Year in his final season was a testament to his dedication and hard work.

BOYS 4X100 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Lincoln-Alcona 3. Fairview

“It’s an honor to be recognized as the athlete of the meet in my final season,” Kurowski said. “It feels like all the hard work and long practices paid off, and my career ended well.”

Emma Dickins, the Female Athlete of the Year, also shared her perspective on her journey and the honor of receiving the award.

“I always try to focus on doing my best, be a good role model, and encourage my teammates to do their best,” Dickins said. “I was surprised but very honored to receive this award because I wasn’t expecting it. I haven’t had many struggles but have been struggling to improve my times and striving to be the best I can be.”

Alpena coach Trevor Roznowski highlighted the standout performances of several athletes.

“We had four athletes that shone especially bright today in the competition,” he said. “John Kurowski was named Male Athlete of the Meet after earning first place finishing in the 800m, 1600m, 4x400m, and the 4x800m. Also turning in great performances for the boys were Thorin Rogers (first place in the 200m, 4x100m, and 4×200 and third in the 100m) and Braeden Mathis (first in the 400m, 4x400m, 4x800m, and 3rd in long jump). Emma Dickins completed her final high school meet on the girl’s side with four first-place finishes in 400m, 1600m, 4x400m, and 4x800m. We are proud of each of these athletes.”

BOYS 4X200 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Lincoln-Alcona 3. Fairview

The meet saw impressive season records from several senior athletes. Brady Carlson of Alpena set the track on fire in the 100-meter dash, clocking in at 13.39 seconds. Not far behind, Alexis Hurst of Mio Asuable finished at 13.61 seconds, showcasing their speed and competitiveness.

In the 400-meter dash, Liberty Prevost of Alpena led the pack with a time of 1:11.89, closely followed by junior Elizabeth Barnhill, also from Alpena, who finished at 1:13.50. Rachel Barringer of Mio Ausable dominated the 1600-meter run with a time of 7:11.28, while Claire Mitchell of Alpena completed the race in 8:26.62

Taylor Hefele from Rogers City impressed everyone in the 3200 meters, finishing at 14:48.24. Hailey Lucas of Posen showcased her agility and endurance in the 300-meter hurdles, clocking in at 1:00.31. In the field events, Braelyn Durfee of Alpena excelled in the shot put with a throw of 26′ 2.25, and Melody Kauffman, also from Alpena, demonstrated her skills in the discus with a throw of 106′ 3.

Roznowksi expressed pride in the team’s overall performance.

“So many athletes made phenomenal progress this year,” he said. “When I think of team members who made the most progress, athletes like Ty Dever, Thorin Rogers, Charles Renard, Elizabeth, and Amelia Roznowksi come to mind. They come to practice every day ready to work, improve, and grow alongside their teammates, and it truly shows in how they compete.”

BOYS 4X400 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Fairview 3. Lincoln-Alcona

The track meet saw notable performances across various schools. Alpena emerges as a dominant force for the boys, with 16 personal records, followed by Lincoln-Alcona with 8, Posen with 6, and Fairview and Rogers City with 4. Mio Ausable and Hillman finished with 4 and 0, respectively, while Hale finished with 3.

In the girls’ events, Alpena led again with 15 personal records, closely followed by Lincoln-Alcona with 7. Rogers City and Mio Ausable with 7 and 3, with Fairview, Posen, Hillman, and Hale also making their mark.

Looking ahead, Roznowski shared his excitement for the future:

“Considering the goals for the remainder of the season, we are excited to support Joe Sheridan as he pursues All-State accolades in the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles,” he said. “Joe will be competing at the MHSAA DI State Finals at East Kentwood on Saturday, and he is in a great position to perform at a high school level. He embodies a commitment to his craft and a dedication to improvement that are unmatched in our program.”

BOYS 4X800 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Fairview 3. Lincoln-Alcona

BOYS 100 1. Garrett Somers Lincoln-Alcona 2. Karsen Gonyea Lincoln-Alcona 3. Thorin Rogers Alpena

BOYS 110 HURDLES 1. Joseph Sheridan Alpena 2. Cole Upper Lincoln-Alcona 3. Braeden Schaedig Alpena

BOYS 200 1. Thorin Rogers Alpena 2. Ty Dever Alpena 3. Carter Long Mio Ausable

BOYS 300 HURDLES 1. Cole Upper Lincoln-Alcona 2. Mateo Rohatynski Rogers City

BOYS 400 1. Braeden Mathis Alpena 2. Sawyer Seminoff Lincoln-Alcona 3. Hayden Kowalski Fairview

BOYS 800 1. John Kurowski Alpena 2. Jack Sharar Rogers City 3. Sean Bernard Hale

BOYS 1600 1. John Kurowski Alpena 2. Hayden Bacchus Alpena 3. Nicholas Trader Fairview

BOYS DISCUS 1. Jack Romel Posen 2. Jacob June Lincoln-Alcona 3. Cole Herman Alpena

BOYS HIGH JUMP 1. Sawyer Seminoff Lincoln-Alcona 2. Evan Themel Posen 3. Aedan Tucker Hillman

BOYS LONG JUMP 1. Landon Galea Fairview 2. Karsen Gonyea Lincoln-Alcona 3. Braeden Mathis Alpnea

BOYS POLE VAULT 1. Cole Upper Lincoln-Alcona 2. Xhayviean King Fairview 3. Cruz Guthri (not pictured) Alpena

BOYS SHOT PUT 1. Jacob June Lincoln-Alcona 2. Sawyer Carter Mio Ausable 3. Tucker Kendrick Fairview

News Photo by Leslianne Johns Female Athlete of the Year Emma Dickins, left, and Male Athlete of the Year John Kurowski, right, stand together after the Alpena News Honor Roll Invitational on Wednesday. Both athletes from Alpena took home several medals along with their plaques.

GIRLS 3200 1. Samantha Zolnierek Alpena 2. Anella Barclay Hale 3. Taylor Hefele Rogers City

GIRLS 4X100 RELAY 1. Lincoln-Alcona 2. Alpena 3. Rogers City

GIRLS 4X200 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Lincoln-Alcona 3. Rogers City

GIRLS 4X400 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Rogers City 3. Lincoln-Alcona

GIRLS 100 HURDLES 1. Piper Whitefield Lincoln-Alcona 2. Lily Bunton Rogers City 3. Evelyn Ruemenapp Alpena

GIRLS 4X800 RELAY 1. Alpena 2. Rogers City

GIRLS 200 1. Addi Beatty Lincoln-Alcona 2. Alexis Hurst Mio Ausable 3. Sophie Kieliszewski Rogers City

GIRLS 300 HURDLES 1. Ali Szymanski Rogers City 2. Elizabeth King Fairview 3. Emma Soltysiak Alpena

GIRLS 400 1. Emma Dickins Alpena 2. Morgan Arbour Hillman 3. Alexis Hurst Mio Ausable

GIRLS 800 1. Avery Langlois Rogers City 2. Amelia Roznowski (not pictured)Alpena 3. Emma Travis Lincoln-Alcona

GIRLS 1600 1. Emma Dickins Alpena 2. Samantha Zolnierek Alpena 3. Anella Barclay Hale

GIRLS DISCUS 1. Melody Kauffman Alpena 2. Kiera Prue Alpena 3. Brenna Eastman Fairview

GIRLS HIGH JUMP 1. Angelina Howe Lincoln-Alcona 2. Haley Glick Lincoln-Alcona 3. Cinja Brauer Mio Ausable

GIRLS LONG JUMP 1. Natalie Maychen Alpena 2. Morgan Arbour Hillman 3. Haley Glick Lincoln-Alcona

GIRLS POLE VAULT 1. Leia Hengy Mio Ausable 2. Abigail Zaborney Alpena 3. Emma McSwain Fairview

GIRLS SHOT PUT 1. Melody Kauffman Alpena 2. Kiera Prue Alpena 3. Skylar Kirkland (not pictured) Fairview

GIRLS 100 1. Addi Beatty Lincoln-Alcona 2. Rowan Hood (Ellery Coleman standing in place for Hood) Hale 3. Alexis Hurst Mio Ausable


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