Alpena County Fair Board works to have fireworks

News Photo by Steve Schulwitz On Wednesday, Alpena County Fair Board President Courtney Krentz updates the Alpena County Commissioners on plans for the Alpena County Fair this year. The board hopes to host a fireworks show on the last night of the fair this year to commemorate the 150th fair in Alpena County.

ALPENA — The Alpena County Fair Board, county commissioners, and Alpena officials are hammering out details for a fireworks show on the last night of the Alpena County Fair in August to commemorate 150 years of the fair being held.

During the Alpena County Facilities, Capital, and Strategic Planning meeting Wednesday, Fair Board Member Mike Arthur told the commissioners on the committee that the Fair Board has requested a permit with the city and filed a plan with the Alpena Fire Department to host the fireworks event.

Before the city can approve the needed permit, Arthur said the county must present a document to city officials showing the commissioners support the fireworks.

According to Arthur, a fireworks company has visited the fairgrounds and determined a section of property on the northeast side, on the shore of the Thunder Bay River near the playground, would likely be where the fireworks are launched if the event moves forward.

“The city said they would give us the permit, but because it is county property, they want in writing, from you, that you’re ok with it,” he said to the commissioners.

The committee seemed to support the idea, but final approval will be made by the full board of commissioners.

During the discussion, Commissioner Travis Konarzewski complimented the Fair Board on the work and investment it has made to improve the fair that experienced a drop in the size of the midway, entertainment options, and most importantly attendance.

“I think the fireworks are a great idea and I’m glad the Fair Board is doing things like this,” Konarzewski said. “The fair is improving, obviously, and that is because of the Fair Board’s effort. The event is finally gaining traction with the community again. The numbers are up, and the amount of positive feedback from the public is up.”

Arthur said improving the fair and increasing the number of people who attend is the goal of the Fair Board.

“The responses we have gotten are mostly all positive now and almost everyone seems to be happy,” Arthur said. “We are trying to improve the fair every year.”

This year, the fair kicks off on Aug. 11 and wraps up on Aug. 17.

For more information on the fair and the events this year, check out the Alpena County Fair website at www.alpenafair.org.


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