Onaway school board members face recall

ONAWAY –Four members of the Onaway Area Schools Board of Education face the possibility of being recalled.

Recall petition language has been filed against board President James Rieger, Vice President Erin Chaskey, Secretary Lorrie Kowalski, and Trustee John Palmer.

The petitions were submitted by Onaway resident Stacey Porter, who in each individual petition listed several accusations of conduct she believes are grounds for the board members to be recalled.

Porter, Kowalski, Rieger, Chaskey, and Palmer couldn’t be reached for comment.

Among the allegations in the petitions:

∫ Chaskey allegedly was named in a grievance filed by an Onaway teacher over negative comments made to the teacher during an open meeting on Sept. 20.

∫ Rieger allegedly made negative comments about board members and district administration in a local restaurant on June 16.

∫ Palmer allegedly got into a verbal dispute with a coach following a board meeting on Sept. 20.

∫ Kowalski allegedly made derogatory remarks about a teacher in a public committee meeting on Sept. 20.

Presque Isle County Clerk Ann Marie Main said that, now that the language of petition for recall has been filed, it will now go before the county’s Election Commission, which consists of the county’s probate judge, clerk, and treasurer. The commission will determine whether the language is clear and factual.

“We will meet on Dec. 1 to look at the language and determine two things: Is it clear and factual?” said Main. “That is the factual clarity hearing.”

According to Main, if the language is approved by the commission, then the petitioner has a set amount of time to go out and gather signatures. If they successfully collect enough valid signatures, then an election for the board seats will be called.


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