Jury selected in Trout murder trial

News Photo by Temi Fadayomi Judge Laura Frawley, left, converses with attorney Bill Pfeifer, center, in Alcona County’s 23rd Circuit Court on Tuesday.

HARRISVILLE — A jury has been selected and sworn in for Aaron Trout’s murder trial as day two of the trial came to a close.

Trout faces one count of felony murder and one count of child abuse in the first degree for the alleged killing of 2-year-old Jayde McDonnell, the child of his then-girlfriend, Adrienne Pavelka.

After several potential jurors were excused Monday, Tuesday’s remaining potential jurors entered the courtroom to resume jury selection. Eventually, 14 jurors were selected and approved by both Alcona County Prosecutor Thomas Weichel and Trout’s attorney, Bill Pfeifer. Afterward, the remaining potential jurors were allowed to leave and the selected jury was sworn in.

Judge Laura Frawley then provided the jury with some instructions on how they should conduct themselves during the trial, both inside and outside of the courtroom. One instruction involved explaining to the jury what they need to be looking for when trying to determine if Trout is guilty of either of the charges he faces.

The jury was also instructed to not partake in any conversations or consume any media about the case and to not have any interactions with either the defense, witnesses, or anyone involved with the case.

After Frawley provided instructions, the jurors were dismissed for the day.

The trial was set to officially begin this morning.


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