Police investigating hate speech on school property

News File Photo The large rock at the entrance of Alpena High School is seen in this May 2022 News archive photo.

ALPENA — Police are investigating the painting of hate speech and symbols on the large rock in front of Alpena High School, an Alpena Public Schools official said Wednesday.

On May 7, district administrators became aware of racist and homophobic language and antisemitic symbols painted on the large rock near the front entrance to Alpena High. In a press release Tuesday, APS administrators apologized to the community for not addressing the issue sooner.

According to Lee Fitzpatrick, director of communications for Alpena Public Schools, those responsible have not been identified.

Asked if the district thought a crime had been committed, Fitzpatrick stated that it was a matter for the police to decide and “police are investigating.”

If a student or students were found to be responsible, consequences could be severe, Fitzpatrick said.

According to the Alpena Schools Student Handbook for 2021-22, punishments could range from detention to expulsion.

Adam David, the liaison officer at the high school, could not be reached for comment and Alpena Police Department officials referred questions to David.


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