WITH VIDEO: No injuries in train vs. SUV crash

News Photo by Julie Riddle A stopped train waits near an SUV struck on tracks intersecting with Ossineke Road in Ossineke on Thursday.
News Photo by Julie Riddle Visible between cars of a stopped train, police officers talk at the scene where the train struck a vehicle driven by a distracted driver in Ossineke on Thursday.
News Photo by Julie Riddle A worker examines a vehicle struck by a train in Ossineke on Thursday morning.

OSSINEKE — A slow-motion collision between a train and an SUV injured none but left a driver shaken in Ossineke Thursday morning.

A driver headed south on Ossineke Road near Piper Road, engrossed in conversation, did not see a northbound train approaching at a slow speed or hear its horn. The train – which, according to police, was traveling at only about 10 miles per hour – struck and badly damaged the SUV’s rear driver’s side door.

Neither the driver nor her passenger, who live nearby, were injured in the crash.

A nearby resident said the train crossing worries people who live nearby because, unlike other crossings in the area, the Ossineke Road tracks are marked by a crossing sign but not flashing lights that signal a train’s approach.

The driver was able to drive the SUV off of the tracks and park next to the train after the crash. Police cited the driver for not yielding to the train.


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