Athletes honored by North Star League

News File Photo Atlanta senior Trace Juergens, seen in this News file photo, is expected to have a big year for Atlanta after leading the area in rushing and receiving in 2020.

ALPENA — The North Star League recently released its all-conference awards for the 2021 fall season, honoring many local athletes.

All conference selections are as follows:



Running back — First team: Keagan Bender, Au Gres; Trace Juergens, Atlanta; Second team: Sean Henigan, Hillman; Nick Smith, Whittemore-Prescott.

Quarterback — First team: Mason VanSickle, Au Gres; Second team: Robert Rosebrugh, Hale.

Ends/Receivers — First team: Gabe Metzger, Au Gres; Evan Saunders, Au Gres; Second team: Nathan Hurst, Mio; Cole Krajniak, Posen.

Offensive Line — First team: Michael Koepke, Hale; Shawn Lauria, Whittemore; Gage Miller, Au Gres; Second team: Vaughn Hunt, Hillman; Luke Mervyn, Whittemore; Lance Selle, Au Gres.


Defensive Line — First team: Trace Juergens, Atlanta; Owen Moulton, Hillman; Parker Nelson, Au Gres; Second team: Landon Caverly, Hale; Sebastien Green, Hillman; Lucas Mercier, Posen.

Linebacker — First team: Keagan Bender, Au Gres; Sean Henigan, Hillman; Dallas Long, Mio; Second team: Gage Cheedie, Atlanta; Eli Chojnacki, Posen; Robert Rosebrugh, Hale.

Secondary — First team: Jeff Klein, Hillman; Evan Saunders, Au Gres; Second team: TJ Currie, Atlanta; Cole Pendred, Au Gres.

Special Teams: First team: Lewis Kuffel, Mio.


Girls — First team: Jessie Ross, Fairview; Sara Decker, Alcona; Rayne Larrison, Fairview; Kala Wolanin, Hale; Emma Hoover, Fairview; Rachel Barringer, Fairview; Katelynn Bravata, Alcona; Second team: Lola Rodriguez, Rogers City; Arianna Anderson, Rogers City; Isabella Bravata, Alcona; Lily Gusler, Fairview.

Boys — First team: Matt Wilbert, Rogers City; Alex Wanty, Hale; Carter Upper, Alcona; Arin Pyles, Fairview; Trennen Smith, Fairview; Logan Alchin, Fairview; Second team: Tyler Demory, Fairview; Sean Bernard, Hale; Kaleb Wright, Fairview; Paxton Downing, Hale; Aiden Downey, Fairview.


Big Dipper

First team: Megan Myles, Oscoda; Kyden Ehle, Oscoda; Kaylin Griggs, Oscoda; Allie Schmidt, Whittemore; Carmen Dellar, Alcona; Brianne McClure, Whittemore; Raquelle Miller, Mio; Second team: Alyssa Jo. Hein, Rogers City; Grace Berquist, Oscoda; Sophie Kieliszewski, Rogers City; Ila Bison, Rogers City; Mia Whipkey, Oscoda; Elle Kellstrom, Oscoda; Claire Blust, Whittemore.

Little Dipper

First team: Sara Condecconella, Posen; Abigail Parkinson, Hale; Makayla Kamyszek, Posen; Julia Taratuta, Hillman; Nicole Barbeau, Hillman; Allyson Stange, Au Gres; Dayton Crouterfield, Au Gres; Second team: Ava Wesner, Posen; Shaelynn Lance, Atlanta; Ella Szatkowski, Posen; Andrea Jadrych, Atlanta; McKenna Klein, Hillman; Addison Lentz, Fairview; Mia Newhouse, Posen.


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