Police arrest man apparently linked to Wirgau case

ALPENA — Police on Thursday arrested a man who may be linked to Joshua Wirgau, the owner of the Alpena Township property where police discovered Brynn Bills’ body on Tuesday.

Brad Srebnik, 35, is housed in the Presque Isle County Jail, according to a website listing inmates at the jail. That site does not list the charges on which he was arrested and police would provide no further information Friday morning.

Court records list a Brad Srebnik as a witness in the Alpena County case against Wirgau, whom police arrested Monday on charges of unlawful imprisonment and assault with a dangerous weapon. The victim listed in that case is not Bills.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the Srebnik arrested Thursday is the same Srebnik identified as a witness in the case against Wirgau.

Police on Tuesday discovered a body believed to be Bills buried in the back yard of Wirgau’s Alpena Township home.

Bills, 17, had been missing since early August.

According to the Presque Isle County District Court office, the Presque Isle County Jail is holding Srebnik at the request of the Michigan State Police, and he will be arraigned in Alpena courts. No arraignment has yet been scheduled.

Police will not say why they arrested Srebnik or whether he faces charges related to Bills.

Alpena County Prosecutor Cynthia Muszynski could not be reached for comment.

The Northeast Michigan Regional Defender Office, which represents Wirgau, could not provide any information on Srebnik’s arrest.

Julie Riddle can be reached at 989-358-5693, jriddle@thealpenanews.com or on Twitter @jriddleX.


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