Maple Ridge staff and students remember 9/11

Courtesy Photos

When the unbelievable tragedy of 9/11 unfolded students around the world looked at ways they could participate in commemorating the loss of life and freedom from that event. School kids everywhere wanted to find ways to help the victims and their families. Alpena Public School students did the same. From writing hundreds of letters to firemen and their families, to our high school students making commemorative shirts (donating funds from sales), to all our kids collecting personal hygiene supplies, sending stuffed animals to victim families, sending NY fireman food and gift cards, etc, our Alpena students put their hearts and souls into helping victims in New York.

Students of Maple Ridge Elementary School, one of the district schools that is now closed, made this work of art (pictured below) to express their feelings. Under the direction of art teacher Anita Harmon, this huge banner was hung at the Alpena Mall when it was completed until the end of that school year and then was installed on the wall at Thunder Bay Junior High School in the Media Center, where it still hangs today. The banner was made with love and care by students who, twenty years later, are probably now parents in our community.


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