Bourdage promoted to principal at Alpena High School

News File Photo Alpena High School Assistant Principal Romeo Bourdage prepares to head into an online meeting in this March 2021 News File Photo.

ALPENA — Alpena High School’s current E-House Assistant Principal Romeo Bourdage will be promoted to principal July 1.

Bourdage has been with Alpena Public Schools for 30 years, starting as an adult educator in 1991.

Bourdage said the time he’s spent at the school will help him do well in his new position.

“One of the bonuses is I have the historical perspective,” Bourdage said. “I have that institutional knowledge that I think is instrumental in the success that I can help lead at Alpena High School.”

Bourdage has also taught english and social studies, coached cross country and track and spent time as a counselor at AHS.

Alpena Superintendent Dave Rabbideau said that someone who has been in the district as long as Bourdage can help the school transition into normal operations more easily.

“He is a perfect fit for coming out of a year of COVID and being able to rally people and make connections and really bring everyone together,” Rabbideau said. “If we went with someone outside in that case, they would have to get to know the community and get to know the staff, the students before they could really start doing that work.”

Bourdage will replace principal Thomas Berriman, who will take over as principal at Ella White Elementary School.

This story is part of the Michigan News Group internship. A collaboration between WCMU and eight newspapers, including the Alpena News. Read more at TheAlpenaNews.com and wcmu.org/alpenanews.


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