Burn barrel checkup

Use this quick checklist for tips on improving your backyard burn barrel to reduce chances of wildfire:

¯ Set the barrel on level concrete blocks or a similar hard, nonflammable surface.

¯ As required for burn barrels, use a cover or screen with holes a quarter of an inch or smaller to prevent flying embers.

¯ Set the barrel far away from flammables, like woodpiles, and trim any overhead tree branches.

¯ Always keep a water source and shovel nearby, and never leave a fire unattended.

¯ Before lighting a fire, check the weather. Don’t burn on a dry, windy day.

“Paper, leaves and natural materials are permitted to be burned,” said Paul Rogers, DNR fire prevention specialist. “However, plastic, hazardous materials, foam and other trash are illegal to burn and release harmful chemicals into the air.”

Get fire safety tips at Michigan.gov/PreventWildfire.

Questions? Contact Paul Rogers at 616-260-8406.


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