The Style Wherehouse moves downtown

News photo by Steve Schulwitz The Style Wherehouse owner Jessica Krueger sets up a display at her store on Friday. The business moved from The Alpena Mall to the downtown earlier this week and is now open.

ALPENA–A popular boutique shop from The Alpena Mall has found a new home downtown.

The Style Wherehouse, which sells gently-used family apparel, moved into the former Masters-LaLonde Shoes store and owner Jessica Krueger is over the moon about the new location on 2nd Avenue, and what it means for the future of her business.

“I am elated and I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be in the heart of downtown. This is a place I grew-up coming to as a little girl,” she said. “I’m across from some wonderful restaurants and in the midst of some wonderful shops, that I feel we fit better with.”

Krueger opened her store in the mall nearly three years ago and built a dedicated customer base. She said she anticipates the number of people who frequent the boutique will increase because of the increase in foot and auto traffic downtown.

“I will have visibility now. Even when the mall was busy, there wasn’t any visibility for us, unless they came into the mall,” Krueger said. “I have already had people stop in because they have seen something in the window. We have more space, better lighting, and it is just going to be more organized for our customers.”

When Krueger learned that the shoe store was closing, she reached out to the building’s owner and asked if he intended to sell or rent it. She asked for consideration to utilize the empty store, but didn’t believe she would acquire it because some people have more brand recognition and deeper pocketbooks.

Finally, she learned she was selected to move downtown.

“When he told me I almost passed out,” she said. “It was a golden opportunity that I would be crazy to not go for. This was a blessing from God that he handed right over to me.”

Krueger said COIVD-19 restrictions and the transition at the mall presented challenges, but her dedicated customers help keep the store afloat. She said her friends, family, and staff are also excited about the move and what the new business prospects are.

“People have rooted us on, when I thought there was no way I could continue on,” Krueger said. “They always lifted me up and encouraged me. My staff is amazing and I don’t want to work a day by myself without them. I see us getting busier, and bigger, and they are so important to that. I have top-notch staff, and we have a special bond. We are a family.”


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