Local government roundup: PI Commissioners working toward filling positions

∫ During its monthly meeting on Feb. 17, the Alpena County Finance Committee voted to recommend to the board of commissioners a host of spending requests.

The committee voted to approve the 2021 Michigan Department of Natural Resources Marine Grant renewal application for the sheriff’s office in the amount of $12,143. Wages and benefits will consume $7,793 of the funds, and $600 for oil changes and minor maintenance. Fuel for the boat and tow vehicles will eat up $3,750, if the grant request is approved by the state. There is no County match if the county is awarded federal funds, and if it comes from State funds, the county would have a $3,035 match.

The Committee also voted to approve a bid from First Responder Solutions in the amount of $26,354 for the purchase of the TruNarc Drug Testing System with funds coming out of the Stonegarden grant. The equipment will have a three-year warranty.

Funding for a pair of veteran’s office projects were approved at the meeting. The committee recommends approving a quote from Lamar Advertising in the amount of $5,000 and another from WBKB TV in the amount of $17,172. The funding will come from the county’s Veterans Service Fund. the State of Michigan has already signed on to the projects when it approved the grants.

The money to Lamar Advertising will be used for 8 billboards, starting March 1, and conclude at the end of September. WBKB will film and air marketing commercials on March 1, through the end of September.

∫ The Presque Isle Board of Commissioners are making strides to fill some needed positions. At its last meeting, the commissioners had discussions about the medical examiner and Mechanical inspector positions.

During the meeting, Randy Pfau, David Stockman and Dr. Russell Bush gave a presentation from the Michigan Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine regarding proposed medical examiner services for the county. The commissioners didn’t take any action and said they are going to consider all applicants and interest shown in the job.

The board also had consensus not to take action on the mechanic inspector position, and decided to allow the building and zoning official to research the county’s options and attempt to appoint a local to do the job.

The commissioners voted to spend $2,577 on a surveillance camera for the west entrance of the courthouse, and to have a push button door-opener installed in the same area of the county’s facility. The cost to have the door opener installed is $7,590.

The clean-up project at the old airport hangar site is moving forward. The commissioners voted to accept a proposal from Sagassar & Associates for up to $3,800, for environmental work where an underground storage tank impacted the ground. It is not known when the project will begin.

∫ The Lincoln Village Council did some house cleaning at its meeting on Feb.1.

Newly appointed councilwoman, Dorene Schick, was sworn into office by Attorney David Cook. A motion was presented afterward for consideration to amend the minutes from the December meeting to remove Phil Jordan and Holly Hussain from the Alpena, Alcona Area Credit Union accounts, and add Marsha Mahalak and Sheila Phillips. The amendment was made in order to comply with the State of Michigan Accounting Procedures Manual. Procedures must be put into place to control the release of funds. Two signatures are required on each check, the Clerk’s and Village Treasurer’s. In a situation where one of the two officials are not available, the Village President may sign.

During the meeting, Village President Sheila Phillips is working to put together information for the Planning Commission to address the possibility of having a Golf Cart Community.

Mike Serafin gave the Fire and First Responder report. There were 19 medical runs and one fire run during the month of January. President Phillips has been working on the fire department contracts for the upcoming budget year.

There was also an update on fire operations at the meeting.

Fire Chief Mike Serafin gave his fire and first responder report to the council. He said there were 19 medical runs, including one for a fire, in January.

Phillips has been working on the fire department contracts for the upcoming budget year, which begins July 1.


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