Local Government Roundup

∫ Adam Koivisto, District Director of Michigan State University Extension provided the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners with an overview of programs from the last year and future projects. Additionally he recognized Kaelie Fessler who received a national award for her work. The commissioners also cast a unanimous ballot appointing Kurt Nowak, Mike Marx and Gary Wozniak to the Building Board of Appeals for a partial three year term.

The board also voted to exclude the wages paid through the Hazard Pay Grant for reporting for MERS.

∫ The Alcona County Board of Commissioners voted to continue the Michigan Unemployment Workshare Program and building hours as they are.

It will continue the program at 10% for salary employees and 20% for hourly employees from Sept. 12 to Oct. 25 and to not indicate who will be certified, pending agreement with the Unions.

Commissioner Craig Johnston updated the Board on Bill Povella, MEDC, who was scheduled for a presentation on a COVID Reimbursement Program and was not available via zoom.

Treasurer Cheryl Franks updated the Board on revenue sharing being replaced by COVID-19 funds and grants and requested the Board create a new fund for tracking purposes. Any funds not spent on COVID-19 related expenses at the end of the year are to be refunded to the State of Michigan.

∫ The Alpena Municipal Council voted to award the bid to Hunt Bros Concrete Contractors, Inc. to reallocate preventative maintenance funds to Eleventh Avenue for cost not to exceed the budgeted amount of $55,000.

It also accepted a bid of $7,860 to Basement Tech for waterproofing of the elevator shaft in City Hall. It also authorized an expenditure of $8,795 with Schindler Elevator to inspect the elevator shaft waterproofing.


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