Boboltz is well-rounded essential worker

Courtesy Photo Roxanne Boboltz is seen playing drums with her band in Alpena

ALPENA — For the last several months much has been made about doctors and nurses being essential workers and heroes, which they are.

There are many other medical workers who also work behind the scenes who are also essential and provide a strong supporting cast for those who are working directly with patients.

Roxanne Boboltz, 32, has worked at MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena for nearly 11 years. She is a Medical Lab Technician responsible for conducting lab work, which is vital for doctors to come up with a diagnosis and then treatment options for the nurses.

Boboltz is married to her husband Freddi and they have three children, Delilah, Fletcher and Pearl. She said she always intended to go into the healthcare field and she describes herself as a science geek, so working in the lab made sense.

“I wanted to be in healthcare, but I didn’t want to do direct patient care,” she said. “I work behind the scenes, but I’m still helping people.”

Courtesy Photo Roxanne Boboltz, left, poses with her three children, Delilah, Fletcher and Pearl, and husband Freddi. She is a lab technician at the hospital in Alpena and enjoys spending time with her family and playing drums in her husband’s band.

Boboltz said she conducts diagnostic tests on blood and body fluid samples often to see if there are infections of influenza, Strep or other illnesses. She said she likes her job because it is a big lab and that allows her to take on more roles and do different things almost daily.

Outside of work, Boboltz loves spending time with her family and enjoying time outdoors. She said their home is on five acres of land and there is a playground for the kids, as well as trails to hike and explore.

“Being a mom keeps me busy, but it is the best thing in my life. I love my family and they will always be my number one priority,” she said.

Although she works behind the scenes while at work, but when away from it, Boboltz and Freddi are often under the spotlight when their band D3ad By Monday performs.

Roxanne is the drummer and a vocalist, who will also come out from behind her drum kit to do a song or two on the bass. She also co-wrote some of the songs on the band’s album that was released a few years ago.

Courtesy Photo Roxanne Boboltz does diagnostics on lab specimens which help doctors reach diagnosis on patients, and for treatment by nurses. She is part of a support staff that makes healthcare what it is today.

“I love being in my husband’s band and playing in front of people, but also doing the recording,” she said. “It’s fun. It’s been a while since we have been able to go out and play and I miss it. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer and we’ll be able to get out and play some shows.”

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