ACC board sets long-term goals

News Photo by Julie Goldberg The Alpena Community College Board of Trustees meets Tuesday to discuss future objectives for the college.

ALPENA — The Alpena Community College Board of Trustees is working on establishing five- and 10-year objectives for the college.

Objectives discussed during a board retreat on Tuesday were housing, facilities, technology, student success, ACC Foundation sustainability, and campus beautification.

“It’s ideas of what we would like to see happen through the next five to 10 years,” Trustee Teresa Duncan said.

The board talked about adding housing units within the next five years. Housing would increase from 64 students to 96, which is needed, officials said, because housing is full this year.

The college would also renovate the auto shop lab space to expand the welding and manufacturing programs. ACC President Don MacMaster said those two programs are crowded and need more space.

MacMaster said manufacturing would move into the auto shop lab space, which gives that program more space for instruction. The welding program could expand into the current manufacturing space.

“There’s a lot of instructional space that’s sitting empty,” MacMaster said.

Other upgrades would include modernizing the Natural Resources Center.

The college could be eligible for a 50% match from the state for the future project.

ACC Foundation sustainability means the college figuring out how to fund the foundation throughout the next few years.

MacMaster said he’s highly motivated to work on the objectives throughout the next few years.

“I’m thinking five, six, or seven years of honing in on this, and it might be the most important thing I bring to the college between now and the time I leave,” he said.

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