RC chief to take squad car home

ROGERS CITY — Rogers City Police Chief Jamie Meyer will be allowed to drive his police car to and from work after the City Council on Tuesday approved the chief’s request in a 3-2 vote.

Mayor Scott McLennan and Councilmen Ken Bielas and Dick Adair supported the motion, while Mayor Pro Tempore Gary Nowak and Councilman Larry Fuhrman opposed it.

Meyers, who lives about 19 miles out of town, said he would use the vehicle for emergencies and “official police business only.”

State law requires two things to be able to respond to an emergency: red and blue lights that are visible at 360 degrees and an audible siren.

“It’s something I can take home, have all my guns, all my gear, all my emergency equipment ready to go, secure,” he said. “If they need me, I can get in it and get to town as soon as possible.”

Nowak first asked to table the decision until a cost estimate — “He would be taking our car, using our gas,” Nowak said — could be provided.

He also wanted to check with Presque Isle County, to see if they would pay a portion of the cost.

A motion to table the decision to the council’s next meeting failed 3-2, with McLennan, Bielas and Adair opposed to tabling the decision. Nowak and Fuhrman voted in favor of tabling the decision.

“I think you guys jump to conclusions,” Nowak said. “We’ve waited this long, why can’t we wait one more week?”

McLennan said he wanted to move forward with the decision because it came at the recommendation of City Manager Joe Hefele.

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