Dog whose life was spared back in court

ALPENA — A local dog given a reprieve by the Michigan Court of Appeals was represented again in Alpena’s District Court by its owner, Katrina Kramer, who vowed to take the necessary steps to preserve her dog’s life.

In 2017, the German shepherd was ordered by the local court to be destroyed after attacking a man jogging past its owner’s house in rural Herron.

An appeal sent the case back to the 26th Circuit Court, the appellate judges saying the first decision lacked inadequate evidence that the dog would bite again.

In court on Thursday, Kramer pledged to build a stronger fence around her home’s back yard by May 1 and, until that time, to only let the dog out on a chain or long leash.

The court had previously ordered the fence to be reinforced, but any changes made were not adequate to keep the community safe from the dog, according to the county animal control officer.

A court hearing near the beginning of May will determine whether the owners have taken needed steps to keep their dog from being confiscated by the court.

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