Girls come together for Advent tea party

News Photo by Julie Goldberg Little girls enjoy tea and food at the Little Girls Advent Tea Saturday at Trinity Episcopal Church in Alpena.

ALPENA — Little girls had the opportunity Saturday to experience what a Little Girls Advent Tea is like at Trinity Episcopal Church in Alpena.

The girls enjoyed tea and snacks while learning about the Advent season, which prepares people for the celebration of Christmas.

Co-chair Bronwyn Woolman said the event was to celebrate the start of Advent.

“We wanted the little girls to understand what the true meaning of Advent is, and so today we’re having this little tea,” she said. “We just wanted to do this as a gift to the little girls and it’s been so much fun.”

Co-chair Kathryn Kunze said the event honors little girls. She said the two purposes of the event are for the girls to understand Advent and learn what Christmas is about. It was also an opportunity for girls to dress up and learn about manners.

“It’s just to have a good time, enjoy, learn how to socialize with other ones, and talk about Advent and what it means,” Kunze said.

Teenagers were maids at the event assisting the little girls if they wanted tea or anything.

Co-chair Maggie Michaud read the girls a story about the Advent season.

“It’s just a fun way to educate,” Woolman said.

Each girl took home an Advent calendar along with homemade Christmas crackers.

“They can keep track of Advent and what each day is,” Kunze said. “They have a little gift bag to take home.”

“It’s been nothing but fun and it’s just a joy to watch these little girls,” Woolman said. “They’re so cute.”

Parents and grandparents socialized with one another at the event. Woolman said they approached her saying that the event was fun and exciting for the little girls.

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