Vehicles collide on U.S.-23, 3rd

News Photo by Julie Riddle A teenager’s first car huddles at the curb on South 3rd Avenue in Alpena on Wednesday night, smashed by the driver of a pickup truck. Raice Baker, 19, of Alpena, leapt up in a nearby living room where he was visiting a friend when he heard the crash, which sounded like a gunshot, neighbors said. The rear of the car, purchased by Baker in June, was completely decimated by the crash. “It looked a lot better before this,” Baker said as he watched Alpena police and fire personnel inspect his car. The driver of the truck, who was taken into an ambulance, crashed into the car as it sat parked at the side of the road, according to bystanders. A dog in the back seat of the truck appeared unharmed. While the loss of a new vehicle was hard, Baker said, he was glad it was his car that had been hit, and not that of someone who might have been killed by the impact.
News Photo by Steve Schulwitz The Alpena Township Fire Department, Michigan State Police, and Alpena County Ambulance responded to a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of U.S.-23 and Ripley Boulevard on Wednesday. Nobody was injured in the crash, but it did slow traffic through the busy intersection a touch.

Alpena police and other emergency crews responded to two car crashes on Wednesday.


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