Riding ‘ruggedly handsome’ trails

Courtesy Photo

A rider participates in the Chippewa Hills Mountain Bike race the morning of Sept. 7 at Hubbard Lake. The race sent riders on trails advertised as “fast, hard, and ruggedly handsome.” Winners included, in the Expert category, Spencer Mendel in first place and Greg Danforth in second. In the Men’s Sport category, Brad Miller in first, Mike Dipzinski in second, Clark Kent in third, Jeremy Yax in fourth, Tom Dowd in fifth, Casey Abbott in sixth, Tim Rumbles in seventh, Tom Welc in eighth, Nathan Thomson in ninth, Brad Pritchett in 10th, Vince Call in 11th, Jona Hauff in 12th, and Marshal Olger in 13th. In the Woman’s Sport category, Joyce Danforth came in first, Jodi Herron in second, and Nicki Janish in third. In the Novice category, first place went to Aric Knight, second to Ryan Knight, and third to Kenan Knight.


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