Report: Alpena County among fastest-warming

ALPENA — Northeast Michigan — and Alpena County, in particular — is among the fastest-warming regions in Michigan, according to an analysis by the Washington Post published online Tuesday.

From 1895 to 2018, the average temperature in Alpena County rose nearly 3.6 degrees, according to the Post’s analysis, which is based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NASA, and other sources. The national average increase in that time was about 1.8 degrees.

The average temperature in Presque Isle and Alcona counties increased about 3.4 degrees, according to the Post’s database.

The increase in Montmorency County was 3.2 degrees.

In Michigan, the northwestern shores of the Lower Peninsula are the fastest-warming.

Grand Traverse County increased more than 4.1 degrees, which is above the temperature increase threshold that the United Nations has warned could cause significant risks to the ecosystem and humans’ way of life.

In Alpena, records for daily high temperatures have been broken 91 times since 2000, according to the National Weather Service, including on July 19 of this year, when the thermometer topped out at 95 degrees, hotter than any other July 19 on record.