Recent actions by law enforcement agencies in Northeast Michigan. This has been only lightly edited.




For the period of Aug. 8-13:

Deputies made 29 traffic stops, issuing 17 warnings and 12 citations.

They received 61 complaints

∫ Malicious destruction of property: 3

∫ Larcenies: 2

∫ Misdemeanor arrests: 4

∫ Non-aggravated assaults: 2

∫ Police runs: 39

∫ People investigated: 154

∫ Average response time: 13 minutes

Aug. 9

6:30 a.m.: During a traffic stop in Posen for a vehicle without plates, deputies arrested a 27-year-old female for driving without security.

Aug. 14

1 a.m.: Officers were travelling northbound on M-33 in Allis township when a 19-year-old male lunged into the roadway in front of the patrol car. The man was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

3:58 a.m.: Officers responded to a domestic violence complaint in Posen, the second at the same address in two weeks. The parties were separated and information was sent to the prosecutor for review.