Mold causes $27K in damages at ESD

News Photo by Julie Goldberg The Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District building is seen here on Tuesday. Siding was removed on one side of the building because of mold found there in July.

ALPENA — Mold found last month at the Alpena-Montmorency-Alcona Educational Service District building will cost the district $27,000 in damages.

Superintendent Scott Reynolds said Tuesday $15,000 of mold removal will be 100% covered by insurance, but the district will pay $12,000 for new siding. Mold was found in July when crews were doing minor renovations to the building.

The district Board of Education voted earlier this year to reserve funds for different projects. Though the mold project was an unexpected expense, the district has it covered, Reynolds said.

Reynolds said ServPro removed mold found on wallpaper after removing drywall and installation. Siding was removed and the damaged area will get a moisture barrier, along with new siding. The siding should be installed within two to three weeks, Reynolds said.

The area originally had no moisture barrier but should have had one, Reynolds said.

“We’re disappointed that that was not there,” he said.

Reynolds said the mold situation in the rest of the building will be addressed in a future project as soon as possible.

“That’s another phase that will have to go out for bids,” Reynolds said. “We’re going to put a moisture barrier around the whole building.”

The district learned Tuesday that some building windows are damaged and have to be fixed, Reynolds said. He said two windows had window casings that were damaged and a few other windows had window gaskets that failed because they outlived their lifespan.

The district is waiting for an estimate on the windows.

“That is not covered by insurance,” Reynolds said.

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