Marijuana shop could open by year’s end

News Photo by Crystal Nelson This property located at 305 U.S.-23 N. in Harrisville, seen on Thursday, could become the city’s first medical marijuana facility and recreational marijuana establishment.

HARRISVILLE – The first medical and recreational marijuana establishment planned for Harrisville — the first city in Northeast Michigan to solicit recreational marijuana business — is expected to open by the end of the year, pending approval of state licenses.

Harrisville officials earlier this month approved a permit application, which includes a special use permit, for Marvin Karana, owner of the Southfield-based CAM CLUB. The approved permit application means Karana can move forward in obtaining the necessary state licenses.

Karana plans to open the business at 305 U.S.-23 N., the previous location of a pasty shop, with his business partner, Darren Naimi, according to the application filed with the city. The state has awarded the business partners prequalification, which means the state has already conducted a background check on the applicants.

Calls to Karana were not immediately returned.

The business plans for the bulk of their inventory to be dry marijuana, as well as extracts, oils, and medical marijuana products, such as edible and topical products. The business expects to employ 10 to 15 people, paying more than $12 per hour, and serving approximately 50 to 70 customers and patients each day, according to the application.

“CAM CLUB LLC is a marihuana company, founded with marihuana patients and consumers in mind,” the application says. “The company was inspired by the personal experience of the ownership group, witnessing first-hand the positive impact that marihuana can especially provide for suffering patients experiencing health issues.”

Only marijuana and marijuana products could be sold at the facility. There would be no cultivation or processing of marijuana on the premises. Smoking on the premises is not allowed, per the city’s ordinance.

According to the application, the company plans to mitigate any odors with a photohydroionization (PHI) unit, which they expect will eliminate 99.9% of the odors safely and efficiently.

Naimi would work as the president of the company while Karana, an attorney familiar with marijuana law, would serve as general counsel.

Although Karana and Naimi are the first to have a permit application approved by Harrisville, they are not the only people considering opening a marijuana-related business in the city limits. City Clerk Barbara Pierce said that, so far, five individuals have paid for application packets for both medical marijuana facilities and recreational marijuana establishments.

Pierce said she isn’t sure whether all of the applications will be returned to the city, but knows there is at least a second person in the process of submitting an application to them.

Michigan voters legalized recreational marijuana in November, though the state has yet to finalize regulations for commercial sales. Those with medical marijuana licenses — medical marijuana was approved by Michigan voters in 2008 — will receive preferential treatment in the recreational licensing process, the state said.

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