RC considers fines for trash at recycling station

ROGERS CITY — Rogers City officials have had their fill of county residents dumping household garbage at the city’s recycling transfer station.

The city owns the transfer station, where the county’s recycling bins are located. County residents are able to drop recyclables, such as paper, cardboard, and plastics, but the disposal of household garbage is not allowed.

Mayor Scott McLennan last week told the Rogers City City Council of a recent trip to drop off some recyclables at the transfer station when he found seven bags of household garbage behind the recycling bins. McLennan said he ended up calling the police, so the individual responsible for leaving the garbage there could be cited.

McLennan suggested instituting a fine or some other kind of enforcement mechanism for those who leave garbage at the site. He also asked city Attorney Mike Vogler to look into the consequences further.

“We have to start somewhere, and I think we have to send out a strong message as a city council and a county board that this isn’t going to be tolerated anymore,” he said.

City Council members agreed to send a letter to the Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners, letting them know McLennan is interested in talking to commissioners about the city’s concerns.

County Commissioner John Chappa said he was glad to hear the city is concerned about the issue and city officials want to work with the Board of Commissioners.

“I don’t know why it’s happening here — more bins, more people, I suppose is part of it,” Chappa said. “But I’ve been to Posen, and it’s not an issue.”

City officials and county commissioners also expressed concerns about the state of recycling at Rogers City’s transfer station earlier this year when county officials tried limiting the number of recycling pick-ups to once every other week.

County commissioners limited the number of times the recycling bins would be emptied as a way to cut the costs of its recycling program. But county commissioners reinstated weekly pick-ups in March after residents began leaving their recyclables and household garbage near the bins at the transfer station.

At that time, county officials also discussed how messy the recycling became at other drop-off locations in the county, such as locations in North Allis Township and Hawks.