Agency helps 229 find work

The Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium released the following statistics for March:

∫ 2,148 total visitors to NEMC offices

∫ 229 job seekers who have found employment with NEMC’s help

∫ 45 new employers worked with

∫ 111 total job postings NEMC has placed on PMTC for employers

∫ 144 job postings employers have placed on PMTC themselves

Hospital launches new cancer tech

Stereotactic body radiation therapy is now available at the Cancer Center at MidMichigan Medical Center-Alpena, the hospital said in a news release.

The treatment administers high doses of radiation by using multiple beams at various intensities, aimed at different angles, to precisely target a patient’s cancerous tumor. Typically, this treatment therapy is used to treat small, well-defined tumors in early-stage lung cancer patients who may not be able to tolerate traditional surgery.

“SBRT is a great alternative for lung cancer patients who aren’t surgical candidates,” radiation oncologist Mario Lacerna said in a statement. “The cure rates are comparable to surgical resection, and the treatment is generally well-tolerated by patients.”

Those interested in learning more about MidMichigan’s comprehensive cancer care program, may visit