MidMichigan Health launches online review

MIDLAND — MidMichigan Health, the Midland-based owner of the Alpena hospital, is now publishing patient ratings and reviews on the Find-a-Doctor pages of its website and on popular search engines such as Google, the hospital group said in a news release.

The reviews are based on follow-up surveys from outpatient appointments with MidMichigan Health providers.

“Ratings and reviews help our patients make more informed choices while helping us to continuously improve,” Paul Berg, president of MidMichigan Physicians Group, said in a news release.

MidMichigan uses a firm called Professional Research Consultants to collect and report the data. Comments including legally confidential health information, offensive language, possibly libelous material, comments about other providers or staff who are not part of the provider’s practice, or information unrelated to patient care will not be published.