Harrisville mayor resigns

HARRISVILLE — Harrisville Mayor John Dobis has officially resigned after Tuesday’s election, leaving Mayor Pro-tem Barbara Luenberger in charge until the swearing-in of a new mayor in January.

Dobis announced at the October Harrisville City Council meeting that he would be resigning after the election.

He read his prepared statement to the council stating his intent for the remainder of his term.

“Tonight is my last official meeting as Harrisville’s mayor,” Dobis read to those present. “My retirement, or if you wish to call it my resignation, will start on Nov. 7, 2018. This is a day after the election of the new mayor and is shortly after my 70th birthday. As I stated earlier in the year, it will be my time to enjoy the rest of my life and it is Harrisville’s time to move forward with a new composition of council and mayor. I choose not to prolong this change through the end of the year. I leave the city in good shape and in good hands. Thank you for your support for all these years.”

During Tuesday’s election, Jeffrey Gehring beat Luenberger by just nine votes.

Gehring will be sworn in after the new year.