Presque Isle County makes budget adjustments

ROGERS CITY — Because of unexpected budget costs, Presque Isle County’s “rolling forward funds” are lower than other years.

The funds, which are carryovers from the previous budget year, were discussed at the regular Board of Commissioners meeting on Friday.

“This is for the end of fiscal year for June 30,” Treasurer Bridget LaLonde said. “This week, (county Clerk) Anne Marie and I have worked on transfers, accruals.”

Initially officials thought they would have around $168,00 to roll forward, but by the time they did the bills and looked at overall adjustments made throughout the year that number dropped.

“So I went through different things that were not part of our original budget but were expenses going out,” LaLonde said.

Among the bills that lowered the number were payroll and contracts of $15,000, an $8,000 contribution to the Huron Undercover Narcotics Team, and a new vehicle for equalization. The county also had hourly increases for two offices, airport roof replacement, gas line repairs and replacement, asbestos removal, an outdoor grant match, housing inmate increases, and a jail at maximum capacity, which caused an increase.

She said the county normally has to budget $8,000 to $10,000 for jail inmate costs. This year, it was about $40,000.

Sheriff Joe Brewbaker said that number is unusual and high.

“We had a high year,” he said. “This last year, probation violations it made it jump this year. Now we’re back under (capacity) and don’t have anyone housed out. This last year was odd.”

LaLonde said the county has not yet collected any taxes for the fiscal year that started July 1.

“We had two biweekly settlements from townships in July,” she said. “So next month both July and August in the reports, it’s more than $900,000” in income.

Total revenue for month of July was $52,084, expenditures were $598,762.

“When you look at your fund equity, it doesn’t look great, but that’s because we couldn’t import all the tax revenue,” she said.

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