Alcona Community Schools seeks college adviser for school year

LINCOLN — An AdviseMI AmeriCorps position is still open for a recent college graduate who would serve as a full-time adviser for Alcona and Oscoda high school students transitioning to postsecondary education.

In an effort to encourage more Michigan students to attend postsecondary education, the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) is looking for recent graduates with a bachelor’s degree to serve as AdviseMI AmeriCorps advisers. The advisers will be concentrated in areas of Michigan that have low college attendance and adult educational attainment rates.

Anissa Emery, a counselor at Alcona Community Schools, said the program is beneficial to students transitioning after high school.

“They are doing excellent work throughout the state to support postsecondary access and achievement,” Emery said. “It is great for the community as a whole and encourages economic development.”

There is currently a single opening for an adviser in Alcona and Oscoda counties. The position is for a shared-time adviser who would work with high school students in both counties.

The position requires a commitment of service during the entire length of the school year, from August to June 2019. It is also encouraged that the adviser live locally as a community member.

Upon hire, there are mandatory training sessions with some training in Lansing and with the regional supervisor, requiring commuting.

MCAN is looking for applicants who will be able to work closely with high school students and their families as students begin to plan for college. The adviser will offer support and guidance through the entire college application process. Advisers are expected to influence students to consider all appropriate college choices and aid in the submission of financial aid applications.

The position would also require the organizing of community events and frequent engagement in the classrooms and other school settings to inspire kids to go on to postsecondary education.

With graduation rates of more than 90 percent in both Alcona and Oscoda high schools during the 2016-17 school year, as reported by the Michigan Department of Education, more college-eligible students are coming out of those two smaller communities. Five years earlier, the MED reported only an 81 percent graduation rate in both counties, with a 6.25 percent dropout rate in Alcona and 11.82 percent dropout rate in Oscoda. As graduation rates rise, MCAN is eager to focus on smaller communities and encourage more opportunities through postsecondary education.

For more information, contact Alcona Community Schools at 989-736-8534.

Kaitlin Ryan can be reached at or at 358-5693.