ACC celebrates millage win, makes purchases

News Photo by Jordan Spence Teachers use virtual reality equipment during the Huron Shores Ed Tech Conference on Tuesday at Alpena Community College.

ALPENA — Alpena Community College President Don MacMaster thanked the people who voted in favor of the 10-year millage during the August election.

He discussed the election numbers during the regular ACC Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday.

“It looks like we didn’t quite do as well as 2003, but did better than we did in 2008,” he said.

The millage results were 2,937 for and 1,501 against in 2003, with 66.2 percent in favor of the millage. In 2008, ‘yes’ votes were at 3,068 and ‘no’ votes were at 2,399, meaning 56.1 percent supported the millage.

This year, there was 4,552 ‘yes’ votes and 2,528 ‘no’ votes, so 64.3 percent voted in favor of the millage.

During the meeting, the board also approved the purchase of a 15-passenger van for $32,049 from Cliff Anschuetz Chevrolet. The van will be used to help transport athletic teams to games.

The board also approved a contract with Blue Lakes by the Bay for $35,669. The contract is for ACC’s TRiO Talent Search program, a federally funded program that transports students to Michigan universities for nine different tours.

Also during the meeting, organizers of the Huron Shores Ed Tech Conference, Meghan Cameron and Ashlie O’Connor, gave a presentation on how the event went.

O’Connor said the conference was first created to help educators teach and incorporate technology into the classroom.

“We like to figure out what to do to help our students in a professional manner,” O’Connor said.

They had about 120 people attend from 12 different cities across the state.

“I heard a lot of positive feedback,” said Trustee Lisa Hilberg.

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