RC’s Hein continues working on goals

ROGERS CITY — Rogers City Area Schools Superintendent Nick Hein said during Monday’s school board meeting he continues to work on his goals.

“We’re not doing a formal goals update. We’re just going through the goals and see what the progress is,” board President Ivy Cook said.

Hein said he’s been doing his monthly updates to the board as well as the other committees.

“Finances I feel is incomplete. I feel we’ve had our first budget adjustment set up at the next meeting,” he said. “I can say it’s just amazing the work (Cory) Budnick has put in that office, just above and beyond anything that we could want. We still have some things in policies and procedures that need to be ironed out.”

He said student test scores are not available yet. He said he has attended three Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle ESD superintendent meetings.

Also in the meeting, Presque Isle County Prosecutor Ken Radzibon had a few things to say to the board.

“It is our office that filed the charges against (former superintendent Dave) O’Bryant. The reason I’m here tonight, and I’ve seen this over the years with many organizations, is that organizations that have dealt with cash receipts, cash money, need some strict principles in place and how that money is accounted for, turned in and verified,” Radzibon said. “I don’t know what you do now. I’m going to suggest you adopt a system where you always have two people count the money and a written sheet and the person who does the counting signs the sheet. So money is verified, then whoever does the deposits that person gives the others a receipt so they know it’s all accounted for. I’m not pointing fingers.”

Cook said the district haa a similar process in place and Hein echoed this sentiment.

“There’s a cash box in my box from a game right now that is signed by the ticket taker, ticket number to ticket number, looked over by athletic director, handed to myself, locked in the principal’s office. It will be counted again by me and an officer and turned over to central office to be recounted by Mrs. Paull and recounted,” he said.

In other business:

∫ the board approved a budget resolution for the COP ESD.

∫ industrial arts teacher Amanda Munger discussed her students’ work in the state woodworking competition. Many pieces are on display in the school library.

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