RC council adopts city budget

ROGERS CITY — The City of Rogers City Council had a public hearing and adopted the city budget for 2018-19 during its meeting Tuesday.

City Clerk/Treasurer Teri Koss said she didn’t receive any written comments in the mail.

Council member Gary Nowak said why he would vote a certain way about the budget.

“I will be voting ‘no’ on the budget simply because there are a few things I don’t care for,” Nowak said.

The board adopted nine zoning ordinances. City Manager Joe Hefele detailed these ordinances in the city manager’s report.

The first said due to recent court rulings it is no longer constitutional for zoning ordinances to regulate sign content.

In ordinance 2018-02 adds uses permitted by right and or special land use in many zoning districts around the city. Ordinance 2018-03 creates, amends or regulations for things like amateur radio support structures/antennas, home occupations and cottage industries, RV parks/campgrounds, wireless telecommunication towers, solar energy facilities, towing businesses.

Ordinance 2018-04 eliminates the zoning board of appeals as a separate body and instead has city council do the same job.

Ordinance 2018-05 changes developmental standards in a few zoning districts in the city. It loosens setbacks in the waterfront district, on waterfront lots and in the business district. It also adds some design treatment options for business facades and raises the maximum building height from two stories to three in the central business district.

Ordinance 2018-06 defines zoning ordinances and differentiates between various types of adult foster care facilities. Ordinance 2018-07 adjusts general provisions for accessory structures and uses, driveways and clear visions, stormwater management, exterior lighting, fences and walls and parking. Ordinance 2018-08 provides zoning administrator more opportunities to handle things at the staff level and permit process. The last ordinance 2018-09 provides clarification on the expiration of permits, strengthening the zoning ordinance and making the time limits set by staff stronger and have greater impact.

In other business:

∫ the council approved non-union wages and benefits.

∫ the council approved a comprehensive fee schedule for the Rogers City Marina.

∫ the council will consider the Downtown Development Authority development plan and tax financing plan.

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